About Us

Our names are Ashley and Olivia Mescia and we are 16 year old identical twins from Sydney, Australia. We are currently students in year 12 and we love to spend our spare time exercising, shopping or with our gals! I guess you could say we are two of a kind that never leaves one behind. We try to exclude ourselves from anything negative as we like to always have a positive mindset and try to see the good in everyone and everything. We can be quite busy when it comes to juggling school, our social life, maintaining health and fitness and work but when it comes to doing what we love, we can always find time for it. We would have to say we have had some unforgettable experiences from working with many inspiring businesses alongside all the incredible people. We love to capture all our memories and take a photo almost everywhere we go, while still looking stylish along the way. Together we hope to be two girls that you look up to and out for, when it comes to advice and tips with what we love most and influence you to do what you love most as well.